Michigan Valley Homes

A Healthy Home System is an Energy Efficient Home

The Energy Star program, operated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy, promotes energy efficiency practices saving consumers money while working to protect our environment. The Energy Star program promotes Mechanical Ventilation to support better air quality, more control of the climate, and improve comfort in the home.

Michigan Valley Homes has been building airtight mechanically ventilated homes for over 30 years – long before it was fashionable.

"As a pioneer in the energy efficiency sector, our legacy and reputation is centered around building you the most healthy home one can have…enter, the “Health Home System”.
- Don Gaddes

A healthy energy efficient home will have these qualities:

  • Very low heating and cooling costs
  • No micro or macro climate requirements
  • Simple construction techniques
  • No uncomfortable drafts (or heat stratification)
  • Controlled ventilation (safe and healthy indoor air quality)
  • Controlled relative humidity
  • Ample amounts of natural light through high quality windows
  • Quiet
  • Naturally cooler in summer, warmer in winter

A healthy home system has several aspects that must be in place to achieve a certain level of breathability.

  • Air tightness
  • Thermal breaks
  • Whole house heat recovery ventilation
  • Air-tight pressure tested duct work
  • Sealed combustion appliance
  • Zoned heating and cooling
  • Insulation
  • Proper supervision, education and training of the trades